Cost for transfer to DVD


50ft reels (3" diameter) 3-4 mins ______ £6 (per reel)

200ft reels (5" diameter) 12-17 mins __ £14 (per reel)

400ft reels (7" diameter) 24-35 mins __ £20 (per reel)

Cost for basic editing (if required) ____________ FREE

Cost for adding music (if required) _____ £5 (per DVD)

Cost for adding titles (if required) ____________ FREE


Note: DVD's can hold up to 2 hours of film.

Extra copies can be ordered for £9.99 each.

Each DVD is supplied in a hard case with printed cover.

Maximum delivery time = 28 days (usual time is 10-14 days)

Cheques made payable to G. Gardiner


Further Information